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The Sensual, Sensational Nature of Sectionals
By Bayit Furniture Staff

Okay, okay - sensual may be a bit of a misnomer. Sure, we all look at our living room furniture with deep-seated envy as every morning we stroll out the door to our horrible office chairs - but sensual? Maybe not. But alliterative titles are always good to get the ball rolling.

Now to the heart - what’s so sensational about a sectional? This is most likely a topic you’ve often pondered before (because who doesn’t think about the magical nature of furniture during their waking hours?), and I am here to help.

To start, the concept of a sectional may be a bit alien to some of my audience - sectionals are largely a North American trend. Popularized in the 1940s, sectionals slowly began to decline in popularity around the time that people thought hammer pants were the hottest fashion trend (that’s right, kids - thank your parents for fueling my typing).

Sectionals are conjoined pieces of furniture - typically presented in an L-format, though recently the market has expanded to three corner and even complete square sectionals. Usually comprised of a three to four seat sofa and a chaise, there are variations in size, fabric, color, and make. But enough of the definition - here’s the list of why sectionals, the underappreciated lambs of the industry that they are, should be reconsidered for every household.

The Definitive List of Why You Definitely Need A Sectional

1.    Many Sectionals Are Reversible 
Does the fear of not fitting restrict your buying habits? What if you get something and then you move - will your favorite sectional still work with a new lay-out? The simple answer is: generally speaking, yes! Sectionals typically use what looks like a glorified staple to connect the two separated segment - simply remove the back or arm, switch your pieces, and fit the staple (displayed below, courtesy of the wonderful world of Google images) back into the appointed slots. Voila! Your same sectional, reconfigured to your new abode.

Sectional Staples For Chairs

2.    Whether You Love Leather or Fantasize About Fabric, Have It Your Way
Sectionals appear in every style and type. Leather? Check. Faux leather? Check.

Black Leather Sectional Sofa

Microfiber? Easy.

Microfiber Grey Sectional And Living Room Furniture

A mix of leather and fabric? No problem! A blend of leather and fabric is actually an incredibly popular style, particularly for busy and active families - with soft fabric to sit on, and faux leather trim, you can easily wipe away dirt from muddy shoes with no damage to your furniture.

Brown Sectional Sofa For Living Room

3.    Sleep Whenever, However 
As a responsible furniture saleswoman, I cannot condone lying with your back on the seat cushion and legs slung over the back of the chair like a gun-slingers belt - however, if you were to do this, a sectional affords the sturdy sensibility to not collapse over on you and crush your legs a la Charles Xavier.

4. Vlad the Impaler Hated Ottomans, But Don’t Believe Him
With the option of being a footrest or an extra seat, ottomans vary in size and function. From storage ottomans for tidying away toys to cocktail ottomans for emergency seating, many sectionals come with an included sectional, so you don’t even need to shell out for a coffee table if you’re working on a budget!

Brown Sofa Chaise Lounge Furniture

5. We have over 15 styles in stock!
Okay, okay, I know, shameless plug. But the real best part about sectionals is the variety we offer. From leather to ottoman-included, and from American-made excellence to imported practicality, come in and see us at Bayit Furniture! 


Get Exactly What You Want - The Terminology of Your Bedroom Furniture
By Bayit Furniture Staff

    Let’s be honest - knowledge of furniture terminology isn’t an everyday skill you’re going to need. How to make the best mac’n’cheese? Definitely a daily need. How to get stains out of your carpet? Pretty routine. The difference between a California and Eastern King? Probably not even once a month! But that’s what we’re here for - think of us as your mystical guide to the perfect room.

    We can start with the basics and make our way from there. One of the number one questions our staff encounters is “What’s the difference in bed sizes?” We’ve all got a pretty good grasp of the fundamentals, but a deeper understanding is crucial. A Twin size is 38” wide - great for kids and guests you only sort of care about. The next step up is a Full size, but a Full is much closer to being a Queen as opposed to a Twin. A Full size is 54” wide, which is only 2” smaller on each side than a Queen (a Queen mattress/bed is 60” wide). Thus, when you’re looking for a bed - consider a Full size! They will typically be cheaper than a Queen, and it opens the door for better variety.

    A Queen size is our number one requested item. Measuring 60” wide, a Queen comfortably sleeps you and your partner, and even a pet or two (we don’t judge). Still confident you need more space? We offer Eastern King beds as well!

    “An Eastern King? What’s that?” The name of the bed may make you second-guess what you have at home, but have no fear! An Eastern King is a standard King bed - measuring 76” wide and 80” long. When you see advertisements for a King bed, you’re most likely looking at an Eastern King. “So why not just call it a King?” There exists such a thing as a California King, which is extra long and extra wide. Here at Bayit Furniture, we understand that narrow stairs will limit the ability of most customers to get a California King into their home, so we don’t offer them. 

    Now that we’ve knocked bed sizes out of the part, we have two secrets to share with you. A bed is comprised of slats, rails, headboard, and foot board. Advertisers will try and trick you, saying “It’s a five piece set! Get the slats, two rails, headboard, and footboard!” In the real furniture world, that is simply called “A bed”. Without slats or rails, you can’t do much with a bed-designed headboard or foot board. Don’t be bamboozled! 

Our second secret is “case pieces”. A lamp or a rug is not a case piece. Case pieces include dresser, mirror, nightstand, or chest.  Thus when Bayit Furniture advertises “Complete set,” unless we have otherwise marked the item, this includes the dresser, mirror, night stand, chest, and the bed.

Finally, another frequently asked question our staff receives is “What’s the difference between a dresser and a chest?” First of all, a dresser is a wider set of drawers, typically with the connection screws on the back in order to attach the mirror. Thus, if you have a long wall, consider purchasing a dresser to store your clothing. Second of all, a chest is typically tall and narrower. This is great for smaller clothing, or items that can be folded without fear of wrinkles. So if you are looking to outfit a smaller room with taller ceilings, a chest will be your best best!

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us! 

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